Lash Fall to Less Fall: Prevent Eyelash Shedding!

prevent eyelash shedding

Can you prevent eyelash shedding?

Of course, you can.

Understanding the science behind lashes can definitely help as well.

Lash extensions, lash growth serums, mascara, and dozens of eye-makeup
and lash products leave you confused.


While they have their place in a beauty regimen, it is also important to
understand what causes lashes to fall off.

How to get healthy eyelashes?

Improper Care

Do you have a flawed beauty regimen?

A lot of us sleep in eye makeup.

And if mascara is part of that, well you can definitely say “hello eyelash fall out”.

Eyelashes are delicate.

Rubbing them aggressively can also damage them, and cause them to fall off.

This can especially be the case when you use waterproof eye makeup,
which is difficult to take off.

Use a gentle make-up remover.

Ignore the myth that washing your eyelashes with mild soap can damage them.

On the contrary, it can help maintain the health of the eyelash follicle.

As a result, your lashes will grow thicker and longer.

Poor Products

Are you overdoing eyelash curling?

If you are spending more than 20 min, you are actually promoting eyelash loss.

Avoid hot eyelash curlers in particular.

Growth serums and eye make-up with harsh chemicals can also cause lash loss.

Make sure you are not allergic to the eye makeup you use.

Also, don’t leave them too long.

Eye makeup is beautiful.

Overdoing ? Not so much.

prevent eyelash shedding

Health Reasons

If you have an overactive and underactive thyroid gland,
you might be prone to eyelash shedding.

Improper diet and stress can also cause eyelash loss.

Underlying medical conditions such as alopecia areata, scleroderma,
hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and lupus may also cause excessive eyelash loss.

Prevent eyelash shedding

There is no one way to prevent eyelash loss.

It requires a disciplined effort.

Start with analyzing your diet and lifestyle.

Are you too stressed?

Is your diet lacking important nutrients?

Sometimes, we ignore or sideline the little things.

But hey, little things make BIG things.

Stay healthy!

You are beautiful.

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