Thick, Long and Healthy Eyelashes: Lashology 101

long and healthy eyelashes lushus

Luscious, long and healthy eyelashes are a sign of beauty and glamour.

Did you know that we’ve been styling eyelashes since 4000 BC?

I am sure you would agree that fuller, longer lashes enhance your beauty.

Men can’t take their eyes off a beautiful pair of eyes.

And when eyes have beautiful lashes, it’s magical.

Eyes are the windows to our souls.


Doesn’t it make sense to ensure they look amazing all the time?

Do you have thin eyelashes?

Or your lashes are just not growing?

Let’s solve those problems.

Before we jump on to the remedies, let’s talk quickly about factors that may cause lash issues.

Age, menopause and hormonal imbalances are some of the most common reasons.

Stress can also prevent eyelash growth.

However, an allergic reaction to eye makeup products could be a culprit as well.

Your lashes might not be growing because you have been handling them roughly.

Health conditions and poor hygiene aren’t the friends of healthy lashes too.

Lashes need loving, after all.

Sadly, mascara or medicated eye drops can also
cause eyelashes to become brittle and fragile.

You see, there are several reasons.

Alright, enough of depressing talk.

Let’s talk about solutions.

We get dozens of emails asking- How can I increase my eyelash growth?

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

You can use these effective tips to prevent eyelash shedding.

Here are some effective ways to achieve the same.

Long and Healthy Eyelashes

long and healthy eyelashes lushus

Healthy Diet

A balanced diet comprising Vitamins C & E, protein, calcium, Vitamin H (aka Biotin),
and Iron can help promote eyelash growth.

You can get these nutrients from fish, eggs, yogurt, citrus fruits, green veggies,
nuts, dried fruits, and whole grains.

We strongly recommend that you pay attention to your diet first.

Green Tea

Research shows that green tea has amazing health benefits.

Flavonoids present in green tea can help stimulate eyelash growth.

Simply dip a cotton ball in green tea and apply over the lashes.


Is Vaseline good for eyelashes?

As you know, Vaseline is petroleum jelly.

And it helps condition and moisturizes lashes.

Especially, if you have dry and brittle eyelashes, petroleum jelly can be a great help.

Take a clean mascara brush and apply Vaseline (or any other petroleum jelly) to your eyelashes.

long and healthy eyelashes lushus


Does castor oil really grow eyelashes?

Olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil are great for eyelashes.

Castor oil, for example, can moisturize your eyelashes and also make them appear fuller.

No wonder why most eyelash serums contain this ingredient.

Fatty acids present in olive oil moisturize and soften your eyelashes.

Virgin coconut oil helps improve the strength of eyelashes.

Eyelash Growth Serum

Do lash serums really work?

If your diet is right, and you take care of your
lashes, a good quality lash serum can be the right supplement.

Is it safe to use eyelash serum?

Not all eyelash growth serums are created equal.

A good lash growth serum would have natural ingredients and not many chemicals.

What does a lash serum do?

We have covered the science of eyelash growth in this article.

For now, just understand that lashes go through three stages-
growth phase, the transition phase, and the resting phase.

Lash serum works at conditioning and strengthening your lashes.

The result- stronger, fuller lashes.


Do you know a lash comb can stimulate growth and promote healthy lashes?

Brushing the right way can help stimulate eyelashes,
and also distribute natural oils throughout the eyelashes.

Don’t be aggressive when cleansing off your mascara.

Excessive rubbing can also lead to lash loss.

Follow these tips to grow long and healthy eyelashes,

Life is short.

Your lashes shouldn’t be!

You’re beautiful.

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