Get Beautiful Eyelashes: Just Like Eyelashes for Sims 4!

eyelashes for sims 4 lushus

Beautiful, healthy eyelashes equal dozens of compliments.


If you are a fan of sims 4, you will agree that those are stunning eyelashes.

For example, their BURN eyelashes look awesome.

But we are not going to talk about Sims 4, which is a life simulation video game.

The reason I brought that up is that even in video games, eyelashes tend to hold importance.

I believe there are two ways to address eyelashes.

One, care for and nurture your natural eyelashes so they become thicker and fuller.

An eyelash growth serum can be your best investment in that case.

Eyelash serum is excellent for eyelashes growth.

Following a good lash care regimen can work wonders for you.

We got several questions from our readers about whether Vaseline can help grow eyelashes.

We have covered that subject in this post

Feel free to read.

Two, you can purchase magnetic eyelashes or false lashes.

There is always the option to visit a salon to get eyelash extensions.

The choice would most likely depend on your budget and preference.

It goes without saying that a salon visit will cost you the most- both time and money.

Importance of Eyelashes

Do eyelashes matter?

Why are women all over the world crazy about having beautiful lashes?
Drag queens swear by their eyelashes.

Yale professor Marianne LaFrance believes eyelashes do the same (and more) what a lipstick does.

His research suggests that women blink more slowly than men.

The popularity of eyelashes goes back to 4,000 B.C.
when Egyptians used them both for cosmetic and religious purposes.

eyelashes for sims 4 lushus

A fun experiment

Take Mickey Mouse and add a pair of eyelashes.

And voila, you have Minnie Mouse.

Have you seen those pink cars with eyelashes?

Amazing what a pair of eyelashes can do to your beauty, and in many cases, to a business.

Some Statistics

How popular are false eyelashes you ask?

Sales of false eyelashes grew by over $270 million between 2017-2018.

Eyelashes for Sims 4

You don’t need to have virtual downloadable eyelashes for sims 4.

About Lushus

LushUs is your home to beautiful eyelashes.

You will love our all-natural eyelash growth serum, reusable mink eyelashes,
lash lift kit, and disposable mascara brushes.

Enjoy our lushus lashes and keep the compliments coming.

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