Eyelash Growth: 3 Important Phases

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Do you know why eyelashes exist?

Their job is to keep dust and debris from entering into our eyes.

And yeah, of course, they make men drool!

There’s no denying that long, fuller eyelashes are objects of desire.

We have talked about how you can prevent eyelash shedding
in one of our other blog posts.

Here, we will try to understand the anatomy of eyelashes ( a bit) and their growth cycle.

Why is this important?

Well, a little knowledge never hurts.

Besides, it will help you address eyelash growth from a fresh, scientific perspective.

Eyelash hair is not different from the hair on your head…

In the sense that each eyelash goes through the cycle of
growing, falling, and growing again.

Let’s talk about this three-phase cycle.

The Journal of Cell Science has done a wonderful job of explaining these phases as well.

Give it a read, if you care.

Eyelash Growth Phase 1: Anagen

This is the most awesome phase.

After all, it is during this phase that your eyelashes grow.

The period lasts between a month to 45 days.

Why 30 vs 45 days?

Well, if you have a health eyelash follicle, you will experience longer growth.

However, a 30-day period is for unhealthy follicles.

Please also note that genetics plays an important role in determining
the length of this phase too.

Makes sense?

Oh, another thing.

The upper and lower eyelashes do experience consistent growth.

In other words, less than 50% of the upper lashes grow during the Anglagen phase.

Likewise, only 15% of the lower lashes grow during this period.

Research shows that inhibition of FGF5 prolongs the
anagen phase, thereby reducing hair loss.

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Eyelash Growth Phase 2: Catagen

After the 30-45 day cycle, the eyelashes enter what is known as the transition phase.

This lasts for 2-3 weeks.

During this phase, lashes stop growing, and they start drying up.

Some women experience lash loss during this phase.

As a result, their lashes lack fullness.

The key to this phase is to have healthy follicles.

Eyelash Growth Phase 3: Telogen

Welcome to the final phase of the eyelash cycle- the resting phase.

This is when eyelashes start falling out.

They must do so in order to go to the growth phase (Anagen).

This is the longest of the three phases, lasting from 90 to 120 days.

Stress, improper diet, medications, and other factors also affect the
length of the phases mentioned above, Anagen, in particular.

Now that you know a little more about eyelashes from a  scientific standpoint,
it’s time to start taking care of them so they grow fuller.

Let’s drink to healthy, fuller, luscious lashes.

You’re beautiful.

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