4 Eyelash Care Tips: Hello Luscious Eyelashes!

eyelash care tips lushus

We spend a lot of time on skin and hair care.


What about eyelashes?

After all, long, lush eyelashes need care as well.

Let’s talk about some DIY eyelash care tips.

Oh, and by the way, taking care of your lashes will also save you time and money in the long run.

Eyelashes are hair.

And their main job is to protect your eyes- ensuring that dirt, sweat, and water do not go inside.

They also block your eyes from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Lashes fall out regularly.

A healthy lash lasts about 90 days. 

You can read more about eyelash growth in this blog.

Then R.I.P.

Doesn’t it then make sense to take care of them regularly?

Eyelash Care Tips: Routine

Clean your eyes properly every time you cleanse your face.

Avoid chemical-loaded products.

For instance, baby shampoo is better than face/eye cleaners.

Do you tug at your eyelashes when cleansing?

This could lead to lash fall out.

Don’t rub your eye too much as well.

Remember, eyelashes are gentle.

Treat them that way.

eyelash care tips lushus

Applying & Removing Makeup

You can damage your lashes both when applying makeup and removing makeup.

For starters, be gentle with your lashes when putting on makeup.

Likewise, do not sleep with eye makeup on.

This could lead to brittle lashes.


Lash damage, aka, eyelash shedding.

A cotton ball and an eye makeup remover are your best friends for removing makeup.

Alternatively, a q-tip can do the job.

And if you wanna go that extra mile, just use coconut oil to remove eye makeup.

It works, and it is amazingly gentle on the skin.

Eyelash Curlers

Now, I have nothing against lash curlers.

I use it myself, and admit that it can make your eyes look even more beautiful.

But using it the wrong way can damage your lashes.

When was the last time you disinfected your lash curlers before using them?

Bacteria from old makeup can damage your eyelashes and cause allergies too.

Use an antibacterial wipe for this purpose before using curlers.

Secondly, be gentle with your curlers.

I have observed several women making this mistake.

Do not curl too hard or too long.

Aim for no more than five seconds.

Inside is what Really Matters

A large number of eyelash and eye makeup products contain ethyl alcohol or Ethanol.

This can dry and damage your lashes.

A good indicator of unhappy skin around the eye is dryness/flakiness.

Pay attention to the ingredients of your eye products.

I hope that these eyelash care tips will help you take better care of your lashes.

Remember, your eyes and lashes are gentle.

Treat them that way.

You’re beautiful!

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